The research activity of the Laboratory of Low Dimensional Systems is basic, oriented and applicative, focused on both experimental and theoretical aspects. Several kinds of nanostructured materials, such as semiconductor nanostructures and nanocomposites, magnetic thin and ultra thin films, biocompatible materials, hard coatings, materials with sensor properties, are prepared by different methods. The experimental investigation topics are directed towards different properties and processes specific to low dimensional systems and supported by modeling: composition and structure, electrical transport and phototransport, magnetic, optical, and sensor properties, surface/interfaces processes, trapping phenomena. Theoretical studies aim to electronic transport in mesoscopic systems, spin dynamics, and quantum confinement effects.

The Laboratory also performs the training of graduate, MSc and PhD students as well as Post Doc specialization.

"Polarizabilitate moleculara in vecinatatea suprafetelor metalice"

Scurt rezumat: Se discuta un mecanism ducand la cresterea apreciabila a polarizabilitatii moleculare in vecinatatea suprafetelor metalice. Acest mecanism este propus ca o alternativa pentru explicarea efectului Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS). Se discuta in cadrul acestui model cateva particularitati ale efectului SERS: (i) aparitia acestui efect┬ in special in cazul folosirii suprafetelor metalelor nobile (Au, Ag); (ii) efectul nanostructurarii suprafetelor metalice; (iii) dependentele observate ale factorului de amplificare┬ de distanta intre molecule si suprafata metalica. Se trateaza, de asemenea,┬ cazul mediilor polarizabile electric, se pune in evidenta polarizarea spontana a anumitor molecule┬ si se schiteaza un model pentru studiul influentei moleculelor adsorbite asupra benzilor de energie ale metalului.


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