Constantin Catalin NEGRILA



  • Licence in Physics , mastering in electronic physics; Bucharest University (June 2001)

Professional skills:

  • Preparation and characterization of some structures for electromagnetic radiation detection
  • Structures based on semiconductor surfaces pasivated by thiols
  • Preparation of Schottky and ohmic contacts on GaAs semiconductor
  • XPS and UPS measurements on different types of materials: semiconductors, oxides, metals, ceramics
  • Investigation of electrical and optical properties of semiconductors by various methods: Hall effect measurements, measurements of photoluminiscence, measurements of magnetoresistence

Hands-on experience:

  • work with XPS Spectrometer VG Esca 3 Mk II
  • design of electronic boards for data acquisition
  • Visual C++ and LabView programming

Research contributions on topics of:

  • XPS analysis of various materials
  • X-ray detectors based on SI GaAs
  • GaP high temperature and high pressure synthesis
  • optical and electrical characterization of semiconductor materials



Working stages abroad:

Selection of recent publications:

Characterization of BaTi4O9 ceramics by Raman spectroscopy and XPS after ion etching,
Negrila Catalin, Marin Cernea,
Journal Of Optoelectronics And Advanced Materials Vol. 8, No. 5, October 2006, p. 1879 – 1883

Capacitance-voltage characteristics of heterostructures with high leakage currents
Goldenblum A, Stancu V, Buda M, Iordache G, Pintilie I, Negrila C, Botila T,
Journal Of Applied Physics Vol.103, No.5, 2008

Angle-resolved XPS structural investigation of GaAs surfaces,
C.C.Negrila, C.Logofatu, R.V.Ghita, C.Cotarlan, F.Ungureanu, A.S.Manea, M.F.Lazarescu,
J. Crystal Growth, 310 (2008), 1576-1582

Influence of bilayer period on the characteristics of nanometre-scale ZrN/TiAIN multilayers,
Vladescu A, Kiss A , Popescu A, Braic M, Balaceanu M, Braic V, Tudor I, Logofatu C, Negrila CC, Rapeanu R,
Journal Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology, Vol.8, No.2, 717-721, 2008

Thin films of Cu(II)-o,o0-dihydroxy azobenzene nanoparticle-embedded polyacrylic acid (PAA) for nonlinear optical applications developed by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE),
C.Constantinescu, A.Emandi, C.Vasiliu, C.Negrila, C.Logofatu, C.Cotarlan, M.Lazarescu,
Applied Surface Science 255 (2009) 5480–5485


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