Constantin LOGOFATU



  • Graduated: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics
  • Ph. D. in Solid State Physics (Engineering), University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics

Work experience:

  • Crystal growth (semiconductors and oxides),
  • Surface characterization by XPS, UPS, SHG methods



  • Romanian Society of Material Science-Crystal Growth

Recent publications (selection):

Thin films of Cu(II)-o,o0-dihydroxy azobenzene nanoparticle-embedded polyacrylic acid (PAA) for nonlinear optical applications developed by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE),

C.Constantinescu, A.Emandi, C.Vasiliu, C. Negrila, C. Logofatu, C. Cotarlan, M. Lazarescu,
Applied Surface Science 255 (2009) 5480–5485


Sunthesis and crystallization of Some Advanced Materials - Semiconductors and Alloys,

M. F. Lazarescu, A. S. Manea, C. Logofatu, C. C. Negrila
Edit. ELECTRA, 2009.


Electrical Characterization of thiols self-assembled layers on GaP structures,

R. V. Ghita, V. Lazarescu, C. Logofatu, C. C. Negrila, M. F. Lazarescu
Mater. Sci. Semicond. Processing - accepted, ref. MSSP-D-08-00021, in print, in print, 2009


Angle-resolved XPS structural investigation of GaAs surfaces,

C.Negrila, C.Logofatu, R.V.Ghita, C.Cotarlan, F.Ungureanu, A.S.Manea, M.F.Lazarescu
J. Crystal Growth, 310 (2008), p.1576-1582


ARPXPS analysis of Silicon oxide films,

C. Negrila , C.. Cotarlan, F. Ungureanu, C. Logofatu, R. V. Ghita, M. F. Lazarescu
J. Optoelectronics and Adv. Materials, 10(6), pp. 1379-1383, 2008.


Influence of bilayer period on the characteristics of nanometre-scale ZrN/TiAIN multilayers,

Vladescu A, Kiss A , Popescu A, Braic M, Balaceanu M, Braic V, Tudor I, Logofatu C, Negrila CC, Rapeanu R
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 8, Nr. 2, 717-721, februarie 2008


Characteristics of arc plasma deposited TiAlZrCN coatings,

Balaceanu M, Braic V, Kiss A, Zoita CN, Vladescu A, Braic A, Tudor I, Popescu A, Ripeanu R, Logofatu C, Negrila CC
Surface & Coatings Technology Vol.202, Nr.16, 3981-3987, mai 2008


Spectral response of Au-Ti Scottky barrier on semi-insulating GaAs,

R. V. Ghita, C. Logofatu, C. Negrila, C. Cotirlan, P. Ghita, A. S. Manea, M. F. Lazarescu
Phys. Status Solidi A, 204(4), pp. 1025-1029,2007


XPS study of Ti/oxidized GaAs interface,

R. V. Ghita, C. Logofatu, C. Negrila, A. S. Manea, M. Cernea, V. Ciupina, M. F. Lazarescu
J. Optoelectronics and Adv.. Materials, 8(1) , pp. 31-36 , 2006.


Heusler bulk materials as targets for pulsed laser deposition:growth and characterization,

A.S. Manea, O. Monnereau, R. Notonier, F. Guinneton, C. Logofatu, L. Tortet, A. Garnierb, M. Mitrea, C. Negrila,W. Branford, C.E.A. Grigorescu
Journal of Crystal Growth 275 (2005) e1787–e1792


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