• Graduate: Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest
  • Title of qualification awarded: Physicist Engineer

Work experience:

Dates: November 2005-onwards, Research Assistant, Employer: NIMP, Bucharest-Magurele
Contributing to research national programs with XPS analysis, spectroscopic measure- ments by SHG and CRD,
laser applications for the characterization of solid state materials
Dates: November 2001- October 2005, Researcher, Employer: NIO-INOE 2000, Bucharest- Magurele
Working in interdisciplinary research team for the approval of the Nd-YAG Laser Microscope for Ophtalmology
Dates: 1992-October 2001, Researcher, Employer: Institute of Optoelectronics, Bucharest-Magurele
Working in research team for laser applications development.


  • Romanian Biophysics Society

Awards and international recognition:

Selected Recent publications:

XPS analysis of n-GaP(111) native and etched surfaces
C.Cotirlan, C. Logofatu, C.C. Negrila, R.V. Ghita, A.S. Manea, M.F. Lazarescu
J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater.,Vol.11 (No.4) ,p. 386-390, April 2009

Angle-resolved XPS structural investigation of GaAs surfaces
C.C. Negrila, C. Logofatu, R.V. Ghita, C. CotÓrlan, F. Ungureanu, A.S. Manea, M.F. Lazarescu
J. Crystal Growth 310 (2008), 1576-1582,

Spectral response of Au-Ti Schottky barrier on semi-insulating GaAs
R.V.Ghita, C.Logofatu, C.Negrila, C.CotÓrlan, P.Ghita, A.S. Manea, M.F.Lazarescu
Physica Status Solidi (A) 204, (No.4), 1025-1029 (2007)

Nd-YAG Laser System for Ophtalmology: BIOLASER-1
D. Savastru, S. Miclos, C. CotÓrlan, E. Ristici, M. Mustata, M. MogÓldea, G. MogÓldea, T. Dragu, R. Morarescu
J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater.,Vol. 6 (No.2), p. 497-502, June 2004


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