Stefan Adrian MANEA



  • Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University june 1971
  • 1999 Doctoral degree in Physics (Solid State Physics)

Professional skills:

  • Large diameter single silicon crystal production;Design and testing of heating systems for crystal growing
  • Semiconductor characterization
  • AIII-BV, AII-BVI, AIV-BVI semiconductor and solid solutions for IR detection and energy conversion
  • XPS and XRD analysis
  • High pressure crystal growing
  • Ultrapure Silicon and Germanium single crystal technology for semiconductor device processing;


  • Romanian Society of Material Science-Crystal Growth

Recent publications:

Heusler bulk materials as targets for pulsed laser deposition: growth and characterization
A.S. Manea, O. Monnereau, R. Notonier, F. Guinneton, C. Logofatu, L. Tortet, A. Garnier, M. Mitrea, C. Negrila, W. Branford and C.E.A. Grigorescu
JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH 275 (1-2): e1787-e1792, FEB 2005

Pulsed laser deposition of thin films of various full Heusler alloys CO2MnX (X = Si, Ga, Ge, Sn, SbSn) at moderate temperature :
Valerio E, Grigorescu C, Manea SA, Guinneton F, Branford WR, Autric M
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 247 (1-4): 151-156 JUL 15 2005

Spin polarization of the transport current at the free surface of bulk NiMnSb
Clowes SK, Miyoshi Y, Bugoslavsky Y, Branford WR, Grigorescu C, Manea SA, Monnereau O, Cohen LF
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 69 (21): Art. No. 214425 JUN 2004

Pulsed laser deposition of co-based Tailored-Heusler alloys
Grigorescu CEA , Valerio E , Monnereau O , Tortet L , Argeme L , Pavelescu G , Manea SA, Ducu C Malinovski A , Trodahl HJ , Bittar A , Strickland N , Notonier R , Branford WR , Autric M
APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 253 (19): 8102-8106 JUL 31 2007

Minority-spin band parameters in a NiMnSb thin film determined by spectral conductivity
Grigorescu CEA, Trodahl HJ, Strickland NM, Bittar A, Manea SA, Giapintzakis J, Monnereau O, Notonier R, Kennedy VJ
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 96 (11): 6421-6424 DEC 1 2004

Angle-resolved XPS structural investigation of GaAs surfaces
C. C. Negrila, C. Logofatu, R. V. Ghita, C. Cotarlan, F. Ungureanu, A. S. Manea, M. F. Lazarescu
J. CRYSTAL GROWTH, 310, pp. 1576-1582, 2008

Investigation of semi-insulating oxygen doped GaAs,

M. F. Lazarescu, D. Pantelica, A. S. Manea, R. V. Ghita, F. Negoita
J. CRYST GROWTH , 240, pp. 401-406, 2002


Singlecrystalline Semiconductor Materials,

M. F. Lazarescu, A. S. Manea, V. Lazarescu
Edit. ICPE, 2000


Synthesis and crystallization of Some Advanced Materials - Semiconductors and Alloys,

M. F. Lazarescu, A. S. Manea, C. Logofatu, C. C. Negrila 
Edit. ELECTRA, 2009


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